CTA – Bella Vista Hazardous Waste Fire

Friends and Neighbors,

If you have wondered why the odor being emitted from the “Hazardous Waste Fire” has been so noxious, this evidence was recently reviewed. This is black ABS or Polybutylene pipe that was often used for residential or irrigation systems on golf courses as well as for sewage lines. A source provided us with this sample and has told us there were “loads” of it dumped on this property. Black ABS pipe contains Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyvinyl chloride, Titanium dioxide.

This is the same type of pipe used in golf course irrigation systems and waste water systems. It’s now clear that this was much more than a “Stump Dump”.  Was this perhaps the preferred dumping place for Cooper Redi-Mix? Might it contain the construction and demolition waste from many of the homes built in Bella Vista? The evidence is telling us a maddening story that is likely to get worse as the layers are peeled back.

It has been on fire for 146 days. This is a Hazardous Waste Dump Fire and it’s happening to many people over Christmas and is the only one in Arkansas. 

We are asking everyone to call Governor Asa Hutchinson to Engage, Evacuate, Extinguish, and Excavate!

Phone Number: 501-682-2345

The full material safety data sheet on ABS PIPE can be found here.


Bella Vista Stop the Smoke Coalition


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  1. Unbelievable!!!!

    The damage this not only causing to the resident, but to the environment.

    I hope a quick and safe solution is found to resolve before it get worse.

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