Neighbors Helping Neighbors Campaign – Local Man Helps Trafalger Road Fire families in need.

Joseph Bollinger has lived in Benton County and the Bella Vista area for 32 years. He ran for Justice of the Peace in 2018 and part of his campaign focused on unity, government transparency, and community involvement.

His wife, Rebecca, and 3 children are all very active in our community and they believe that it’s vital for communities to stick together and have neighbors helping neighbors.

Joseph Bollinger

As soon as Joseph heard about the underground fire in the east side of Bella Vista, he became involved in the efforts to spread awareness and to do whatever he could to help his neighbors affected by the fire.

In December he began distributing N95 masks that he purchased to those who are most affected by this fire, and the demand was high. He then decided to create a GoFundMe which then raised a little over $800.

With this money he began to reach out the vendors and was able to purchase 201 adult, and 50 children washable and reusable masks.

These masks will allow our neighbors who are most affected by this tragedy to be able to have a reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) device that they can have until this Trafalger Fire is remedied.

While our local, state, and federal governments work to find a solution on extinguishing the fire, individuals such as Joseph Bollinger are taking matters into their own hands to do whatever is possible to help those in most need of assistance.

Box of Washable N-95 Particulate Masks

Joseph is working with Street Captains to distribute these masks to residents.

You can also contact Joseph through his Facebook Page.

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