Proposal For Extinguishing the Fire in Days not Months – by High Heat Fire Specialists from Ohio – Call to Action

Gary Broberg of High Heat Fire Specialist (HHFS) from Berea, Ohio submitted information an ADEQ representative to propose smoke and particulate mitigation on 28 December 2018, the information was forwarded to the contractor EnSafe but HHFS has not received any further contact from the state or the contracted company.

HHFS has a basic proposal to extinguish the Bella Vista fire in a matter of days. HHFS’s proposal is at a fraction of the cost. Be aware that the cost is just for the extinguishment of the fire and smoke and particulate mitigation to provide immediate relief to the residents of the Bella Vista Arkansas.

Screen Shot from proposal of timeframe and cost.

HHFS has been monitoring the situation from afar and understands the suffering that residents in Bella Vista Arkansas have been going through as they have a specialized background with firefighting and understand the hazards of burning material. The proposal demonstrates the expertise required to address the technical challenges to extinguish the fire.

Not only is HHFS’s proposal fiscally responsible for the state and taxpayers compared to other methodologies proposed, it has also been proven to be scientifically sound, and it also comes with a guarantee of extinguishment or HHFS does not get paid.

Screen Shot from proposal of Guarantee of work performed. HHFS’s proposal addresses the need to use technology to determine the presence.

A reference letter provided by Fire Chief Kenneth A. Nussle from the City of Warren is attached in the proposal. The Letter states that the fire was approximately 26 acres and had been “plaguing the city for years.”. HHFS was able to suppress the fire in a day.

A phone call to Fire Chief Nussle verified the reference letter and he added that his Fire Department would still be dealing with that situation today, had it not been for HHFS’s assistance.

A full copy of the proposal is downloadable below.

Please contact Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office: (501) 682-2345, to encourage him to read this proposal, to get this fire extinguished as soon as possible!

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